SSH into Google Cloud on Windows with PuTTY

In this article, I will show you how to SSH into Google Cloud instances with desktop secure shell clients on Windows.

Create SSH Keys and add to Google Cloud

In order to create SSH keys on Windows, you will need to download PuTTYgen.

After downloading, launch PuTTYgen and generate a RSA key with at least 2048 bits.

Generate keys with PuTTY

From the image above, you can see that you will need to update the comment to set the username to use to SSH into Google Cloud.

After setting your username, save the private key which you will be using to connect to Google Cloud.

Next, you will need go to your project’s metadata page to add the public key you had generated.

Add keys to SSH into Google Cloud

Click the edit button and then add new item. Copy the generated public key at the top of PuTTYgen and paste it inside the textbox, and save.

Use PuTTY to SSH into Google Cloud

Now, launch PuTTY and enter your server’s external IP under Host Name.

Create keys to SSH into Google Cloud

Next, go to Connection > SSH > Auth, and add your private key under Authentication Parameters. Also, set your username in Login details under Connection > Data.

You can save your session for future logins by entering a name for the session under Saved Sessions, and click save.

Click Open, and Voila! You are now logged in to your Google Cloud Instance.

Hope this article helped you learned how to SSH into Google Cloud on Windows with PuTTY.

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